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Special Studies:

Alaska Highway Pipeline Project:  Economic Effects on the Yukon and Canada

Economics of Confederation

Impact of various federal programs on Ontario (MIA)





§         Aboriginal Construction Requirements in Canada to 2010  (1995/Nov/27-28)


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§         FAQS on Indexing Expenditures  (2010/Aug/05)


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§         Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

§         Social Cohesion and Macroeconomic Performance   (2001/Apr/30)

§         Canadian Productivity:  What is the Problem?   (2000/Apr/04)

§         Consultation for Policy Purposes   (1999/Jun/15)

§         Beyond the Washington Consensus:  Macroeconomic Policies in the 21st Century   (1999/Apr/19-20)

§         Introduction to the Concept of Social Cohesion and its Implications for Macroeconomic Performance   (1998/Nov/25)

§         Today's Economic Realities:  Where Does Work and Family Fit?  The Search for Balance   (1998/Sep/10-11)

§         Government—Singular or Plural?   (1996/Oct/20)

§         Canadian Unity:  Is Canada Greater than the sum of its Parts?   (1995/Jan/25)

§         Public and Private Interests   (1994/Aug/30)

§         Work and Leisure:  The Future for Economists   (1994)

§         Observations on Competitiveness   (1993/Aug/18)

§         The Boxes—State Structure   (1993/Jun13)

§         A Retrospective Look at the Recession:  An Informetrica Perspective   (1992/Jun/06)

§         Strategic Planning and Golf   (1992/Jun)

§         Canadian Economy—Where We Have Come From   (1992/Jan/01)

§         America's International Problems:  As Seen by Her Largest Trading Partner   (1988/Apr)

§         Major Economic Forces from a Corporate Perspective   (1984/Sep/25)

§         Comparative Economic Impacts of Improved Labour Productivity in Three Sectors   (1984/Jul/09)

§         The Role of Major Projects in Canadian Economic Development:  Myths and Realities   (1983/Feb/19)

§         Business—Government Interaction Regarding Investment Decisions:  A Check List   (1980/Dec)


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Data–Statistics Canada


§         The Multiple Roles of an Independent Economic Research Organization   (2004/Jul/30)

§         Notes from a User of Statistics Canada Data   (2003/Jan/24)

§         Globalization—Impacts on National Economic Information Systems   (2000/May/15-16)

§         Gender and the National Accounts   (1998/Apr/29)

§         Panel on Economics for the Numerically Challenged   (1994/Apr/09)

§         Statistical Agencies and their Users   (1992/Aug30-Sep05)

§         Re:  Demand Curves, Cost Functions, and Tradeoffs in Statistical Data   (1983/Apr/13)


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§         Economic Benefits to Canadian Households of Increased Natural Gas Supply   (2012/Oct/10)

§         Observations on Energy   (2003/Mar/04)

§         The Emerging Big Picture:  The External Factors Influencing the Canadian Nuclear Industry   (1997/Jun/10)

§         Impact Study of the Effects of an Increase of $1 per Barrel in the Domestic Oil Price   (1980/Oct/01-02)


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Fiscal Policy


§         The Search for Budget Transparency

§         Does the US have anything to learn from Canada about government debt and deficits?   (2008/Feb/29)

§         Analysis of Federal Budgets   (2001/Nov/01)

§         Federal and Provincial Fiscal Policy Challenges   (2000/Sep/20)

§         Contra-cyclical Fiscal Policy—Is it Dead?   (1998/Jul)

§         A Process for Policy Development   (1997/Sep)

§         Jobs, Jobs, Jobs:  The Challenge of Job Creation, Specific Ideas   (1995/Nov/03)

§         Government Cutbacks:  A Checklist   (1994/May)

§         GST Gouge and Screw Tax or Good Sensible Tax?   (1990/Jan)

§         Deficits and Debt Ratios:  Discussion Paper 85/1  (1985/Apr/29)


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§         Economic Effects of Structural Changes in Manufacturing:  Retrospective View   (2007/Oct)

§         Compensation by Sector   (2000/Dec/08)

§         The Futures of Freight Transportation:  Global and Canadian Factors   (2000/Apr)

§         Conveying the Importance of the Building Materials Industry   (1996/Jun/18)

§         Exchange Rates and The Steel Industry   (1992/Feb/24)

§         BIG BUSINESS and small business:  What Do We Think We Know?  (1990/Jan/24)


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§         Inflation:  Whose Responsibility?   (1979)

§         The Way Ahead:  A Framework for Discussion   (1976/Oct)


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§         Recent Innovations in The Informetrica Model (TIM)   (2005/May)

§         Consumer Demand Functions:  Immigrant Dimensions   (2001/Oct/19)

§         Observations on Forecasting the Canadian Economy   (1999/Dec)

§         Memorandum RE:  CPP Contribution Rate Impact   (1996/May/21)

§         Economic Forecasting:  Is There Any Hope?   (1994/Mar/04)

§         Economic Forecasting:  Humbling Experiences of the 1970s   (1983/Mar/22)


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§         Demographic Challenges in Atlantic Canada   (2004/Sep/28-29)

§         Rural is Plural   (2001/Oct/15)

§         Uses of Business Profiles for Economic Development   (2001/Jun/25)

§         Regional Performance:  Decomposition Analysis   (2000/Nov/08)

§         Observations on Regional Economic Performance   (1998/Jun/18-19)

§         The Warp and Woof of the Canadian Economy   (1990/Nov/05)

§         MOPs and PAILs  (1987/Aug/15)


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§         BBE Scenario Development   (2003/Oct/30)

§         Scenarios and Policies   (2003/Oct/09)

§         Developing Bio-based Scenarios—A Primer   (2003/Mar)

§         Using Scenarios in Public Policy   (1998/Jul)

§         The Development and Use of Scenarios   (1998/Jun)

§         The Development and Use of Scenarios in Economics   (1998/Jun)

§         Scenarios about Work   (1995/Oct/17)

§         Looking Back from the Year 2000 (Revised)   (1986/Feb/28)


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Social (health, education)


§         Macroeconomic Models and Gender   (2004/Oct)

§         The Economic Underpinnings for Collective Bargaining   (2004/Mar/03-04)

§         Pension Systems:  Some Observations   (2003/Sep/06)

§         Productivity and Fiscal Federalism:  Canada and U.S. Compared   (2002/Jan)

§         Basic Income:  Some Thoughts   (1999/Jun/21)

§         Ten Good Reasons for Full Employment   (1997/Apr/22)

§         Canadian Health Care System   (1996/May)

§         Comparison of Two Recessions:  Will there be jobs for university graduates in the 1990s?   (1992/Sep/18)


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Working Time


§         Working Time Issues   (1998/May)

§         Advisory Group on Working Time and the Distribution of Work—Final Report (English)   (1994/Dec)

§         Rapport du Groupe consultatif sur le temps de travail et la répartition du travail—son rapport final (French)   (1994/Dec)

§         Advisory Group on Working Time and the Distribution of Work—Briefing Notes (1994/Dec)


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§         Impact of 9-11 on Trade   (2001/Nov/07-08)

§         Attack on the United States:  Economic Implications for the United States, the Canadian "Macro" Economy, Sectors and Provinces   (2001/Oct/01)

§         US National Energy Policy:  Summary and Review of Implications for the US and Canada   (2001/Jun/07)

§         US Restrictions on Canadian Lumber Exports–Economic Implications for Canada, Industries, Provinces and Communities   (2001/Apr/10)

§         The Free Trade Agreement—Implications for Canada's National and Provincial Economy   (1988/Jul)

§         Volume I – Overview of Issues and Results

§         Volume II – Articles, Government Interpretations, and Informetrica Assessment of Direct Effects

§         Volume II – Statistical Appendixes

§         What Does the Future Hold for World Trade?   (1986/Dec/11)


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